Msgr. Sadie giving invocation at WV House of Delegates

About the Catholic Conference
of West Virginia

The Catholic Conference of West Virginia was established to give witness to spiritual values in public affairs and to influence those making decisions regarding social policies to make such decisions in congruence with Catholic social teachings.

The objectives and functions of the West Virginia Catholic Conference are:

  1. To formulate policy positions with reference to state government programs, legislation, and policies which affect the common good and the interests of the Church.
  2. To represent and speak for the Church before all branches of state government as well as before statewide voluntary groups and private organizations.
  3. To foster public understanding of the Church's teaching and concern about morality, health, welfare, education, and human and civil rights.

The Catholic Conference has a director and a staff of four who interrelate with State legislators and State agencies.

The Conference also works with the Diocesan Justice and Life Office to educate West Virginians on the Church's social teachings.

The Advisory Board of the Catholic Conference of West Virginia is composed of members of the Diocesan staff who give advice to the Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston regarding items 1 to 3 listed above.

Advisory Committees, drawn from many sources, are formed as needed to advise the Bishop and the Conference on topics of special interest.

We trust that this website will prove of use to you in both learning about and acting upon social teachings of the Church. The application of these teachings in this diocese is very much affected by the fact that West Virginia is the only state located entirely in Appalachia. Together we can strive to realize the vision of the Appalachian Bishops in "This Land is Home to Me" (1975) of a

Life free and simple,
with time for one another,
and for people's needs,
based on the dignity of the human person,
at one with nature's beauty.