Care for the Poor

From This Land Is Home To Me, A Pastoral Letter on Poverty and Powerlessness from the Catholic Bishops of the Appalachian Region,

We must remind ourselves that the poor are special in the eyes of God,
for we have been told, in the voice of Mary,

God has pulled down princes from their thrones, and exalted the lowly.
The hungry have been filled with good things,
the rich sent empty away.
(Luke 1:52-53)

Even so, we know that our words are not perfect. For that reason, this letter is but one part of an unfinished conversation

  • with our people

  • with the truth of Appalachia
  • with the Living God.

Yet we still dare to speak, and speak strongly, first,because we trust our people and we know that those who belong to the Lord truly wish to do God's will;
and second, because we believe that the cry of the poor is also a message of hope, a promise from Jesus,
that there can be a better way, for Jesus has told us,

The Truth will make you free. (John 8:32)