Faithful Citizenship

Of course, the Catholic Conference of West Virginia wishes everyone to exercise their rights as citizens, not least Catholic West Virginians!

To aid faithful Catholics in the use of their rights and opportunities, the Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a statement on the responsibilities of Catholics to society, "Faithful Citizenship, A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility" (It can be found here.) The purpose of the statement is to communicate the Church's teaching that every Catholic is called to active and faith-filled citizenship, based upon a properly informed conscience, so that each disciple of Christ publicly witnesses to the Church's commitment to human life and dignity with special preference for the poor and the vulnerable.

The USCCB has a very rich website on the duties and opportunities for Catholics exercising their rights as citizens, and also on the values supported by Catholic citizens. As an aid to West Virginians interested in these topics, we provide a link to this "Faithful Citizenship" website:

We trust you will explore this multi-faceted site, and also go ahead and take a look at what else you can find at There's a lot!